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Market Environment
The S&P 500 index returned a robust 21.8% in 2017 - over twice its long-term average. The index performance also disproved our contention that the stock market doesn’t go up in a straight line as the quarterly returns totaled 6.1% (Q1), 3.1% (Q2), 4.5% (Q3) and 6.6% for the just concluded fourth quarter. Estimated double digit earnings growth for 2017 (the first time since 2011) provided a solid base for the strong full year returns while the December tax cut passage additionally aided the fourth quarter. (more).

Market Oriented Core Strategy & Outlook
The Market Oriented Core strategy was up 6.1% in the 4th quarter and up 26.3% in calendar 2017. An excellent year for the strategy both on an absolute basis and on a relative basis in comparison with its S&P 500 benchmark. (more).

Worldwide Equity Strategy & Outlook
Our Worldwide Equity Strategy was up 4.9% in the quarter, lagging the Global Equity Benchmark of 6.2%. For the calendar year the strategy was up a solid 16.4%, but lagging the Global Equity Benchmark of 22.6%. The WW Balanced portfolios were up 3.6% in the quarter and 12.2% for the calendar year in comparison with the Global Balanced Benchmark return of 3.6% and 14.0%, respectively. (more).

Worldwide Equity Dividend Plus Strategy & Outlook
After completing an outstanding calendar year 2016 with a return of 15.4%, our Worldwide Dividend Plus strategy continued to deliver solid returns in 2017. The strategy was up 4.5% in the quarter, lagging in comparison with our Global Equity Benchmark return of 6.2%. For the calendar year 2017, the strategy returned 16.5% also lagging the Global Equity Benchmark return of 22.6%. (more).